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Coimbatore Vizha Marathon

Vaanga Odalaam!

Date : 5th Jan
Venue : Coimbatore

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The Coimbatore Vizha Marathon is an endeavour to celebrate and promote the health of the citizens of Coimbatore. By way of running in the marathon the citizens not only get healthy and active in the process but also show their love and support for their beloved city.

Running is one of the best way to improve ones cardio and get fit. Coimbatore is renowned for the pleasant weather all round the year and makes running in the city an absolute bliss for runners. Coimbatore is also renowned for producing good athletes because of the active daily running community. The Coimbatore Vizha Marathon takes the runners through the famed and icon spots of the city. One thing for sure, the Coimbatore Vizha Marathon will be a runners delight.

Besides, what better than to start a new year with a big bang. Get fit, make your resolutions and lets start running.

Oorukkaga Oda Vaanga!

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