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Taste of Coimbatore

Vaanga Suvaikalaam!

Date : 10th 11th & 12th Jan
Venue : Coimbatore

Food is art. Food is heart. Food is a fantasy. Food is secular. Food has come through layers of evolution but the moment we tell ‘cut mangoes with just the right amount of salt and chilli powder sprinkled across’, your taste buds will be tingling already. Nothing can beat that basic instinct of the food that remains the innate desire of every human. A tasty meal is the best gift you can gift yourself. And we are going to help you with that in the Coimbatore Vizha FOOD STREET.

There are no celebrations without food, and this time we are coming up with a range of cuisines that will surprise the foodie in you. From Pani pooris to Sambhar Idlis to Fried noodles, it just is going to be a cultural cake of cuisines for you to cut and cherish all the way through. Prepare your tummies aptly and be there to indulge in the food marathon. 3 days of tasty tales, with all the authentic chefs and food lovers in one place!

Naanga ready, neenga ready uh?