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Vaanga Kalai Potralaam!

Date : 11th , 12th Jan
Venue : Scheme Road, Race Course, Coimbatore

If there is one thing that has the power to create change, it is art. Time after time the world has seen the best of the art come to the streets to reach out to people and impact them with the goodness of creation. In the Coimbatore Vizha ART STREET we aim to create a curated experience where we will have the best of the artists work across the streets of Race Course Road, R.S.Puram and many more areas that will become the canvases and arenas for art to be displayed. Not only renowned artists, this time we are focusing on bringing in unknown yet deserving-to-be-known talents to the fore.

Having said all these, we have to acknowledge the fact that the life of an artist is not so easy. He/she has to come through a lot of struggle to hit the limelight and earn success. Sometimes all they need is a platform to showcase their work. That is what we are trying to do here. We the Coimbatoreans unite for this noble cause of celebrating the world of artists and gift them their recognition.

Kalai valarkka Kilambi vaanga!