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Vizha Marathon & Cyclathon

Vaanga Cycle Ottalaam!

Running and cycling is one of the best way to improve one’s cardio and get fit. Coimbatore is renowned for the pleasant weather all round the year and makes running in the city an absolute bliss for runners.

Oda Readya? Kelambunga

This year, given the prevailing pandemic situation, it is unlikely that we can conduct the event in the usual format. However, we have an exciting and safe alternative for you. The 2021 edition of the Coimbatore Marathon and Cyclathon will be a Virtual Event!

The Coimbatore Vizha Cyclathon gives you a recommendation of some iconic and yet lesser known cycling trails of the City. One thing is for sure, the Coimbatore Vizha Marathon will be an athlete’s delight.

A shout out to the athletes outside Coimbatore – Join the Coimbatoreans on the run/cycling virtually!

Date : 2-10, Jan 2021