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The most memorable moments in our lives is centred on food. Food festivals are hence a great way to experience a multitude of food types in one day. “Taste of Coimbatore” is an endeavour to making food a focal point of the celebrations. We invite you to open your mind and your palettes and allow your stomach to guide you through the many varieties and cuisines that we will have for you.

Food festivals have become a way of life and a very popular phenomenon especially in a place like Coimbatore where the people have always liked to eat quality food as well as wanting to know about the roots and history of the food they consume.

At the event “Taste of Coimbatore” you will get all of this and much more! Come along to enjoy 3 days of absolute variety in food and every extraordinary culinary delight that we bring to you! Meet with Chefs and local food enthusiasts.

Come and join us in the legacy and be part of the celebration.