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Surya Shakti

About the Program

Surya Shakti is an active form of the Sun Salutation. It is an ancient yogic practice which is a powerful sequence of 18 postures. It is designed as a holistic process for great physical fitness. “Surya” means “Sun,” and “Shakti” means “energy”. Surya Shakti cultivates great physical fitness and strength.

– Happening at in front of AdiYogi on 3rd Jan 2022 and at Codissia Hall E on 8th Jan 2022
– Offered at free of cost
– Suitable for ages 7 and above
– No experience of yoga necessary


– Strengthens the heart
– Boosts vigor and vitality
– Improves immunity
– Strengthens the muscles
– Tones the digestive system
– Corrects hormonal imbalances
– Lubricates the joints
– Develops mental clarity and focus
– Remedies weak constitutions

Conditions to be maintained before the practice:-

Please come on an empty stomach condition

For Adults:-
Finish a meal 4 hours prior to the class, snack 2.5 hours prior,
beverage or cigarette 1.5 hours before the class.

For Children’s (Age 13 yrs and below):
Finish a full meal 2.5 hours prior to the class, snack 1.5 hours
prior and beverage 1 hour before the class.

People with below conditions are NOT eligible to participate at this time:

-Pregnant women.
-Anyone who has had a major open surgery within the last 6 months.
-Anyone who has had laparoscopic surgery or any severe muscular injury within the last 6 weeks.
-Anyone with active hernia.

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