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Vaanga Vilayaadlam

A sound body keeps a sound mind. And what more than sports to bring out the best of both? An array of sports events arranged for the people of Coimbatore to indulge in, the SPORTS FEST of the Coimbatore Vizha is aimed to cultivate the spirit of sportsmanship in the citizens of Coimbatore. Tied up across the city, the spacious playgrounds are put to the best use for games that will bring together the people of all ages.


In this fast-moving world, we hardly have time to play any sport, even if we are passionate about playing. The idea of this fest is precisely to bring you to the playgrounds and make it possible. From school kids to college students to corporates, it is going to be playtime for everybody. Pad up, pick your favorite sport and be there to score your winning runs and goals.

Odi Vilayaadu Paapa!

Date : 4-12, Jan