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Coimbatore Vizha

Coimbatore Vizha is an endeavour to bring alive the spirit of celebration of the city we all call home. Vizha will give both residents and travellers a chance to see the different sides of the city: its entrepreneurial spirit and life in the lighter vein in a week's duration. It is an effort to bring alive the strong cosmopolitan traits of Coimbatore.

The effort was to bring together every organization that has over years and decades added to the experience or spirit of the city, and to do an event or a series of events.

Now, time has come for Coimbatoreans to once again get together and celebrate the various aspects of our city, its heritage, industrial legacy, entrepreneurial spirit, hospitable and honest culture, the multi cultural-ethnic confluence, etc in the 10th Edition of Coimbatore Vizha 2018 (05 January – 12th January, 2018).

The eight-day Vizha will truly celebrate every aspect that makes the spirit that is Coimbatore. Every day of the Vizha there would be events at various locations that portray the rich legacy and heritage of Coimbatore, in a way that will enhance the cultural ethos of the emerging Cosmopolis.