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Art Street

Just as Coimbatore Vizha celebrates every aspect of Coimbatore, Art Street / Oviya Santhai is a celebration of the art and artists of the region. Oviya Santhai has been a part of Coimbatore Vizha right from its inception.

The event is held over two days and attracts more than 30,000 people. In 2018, the Umbrella exhibit was a cynosure for all eyes and in 2019, the Shades of Nature and I Love Kovai exhibits were cherished by everybody. Followed by these in 2020, we had the theme, Thoughts & Reflections which was showcased by an interactive colourful Acrylic Installation that reflected light in myriad ways.

In addition to the exhibits, a variety of workshops were held for kids and adults, ranging from umbrella painting, pottery, basket making to simple paintings.

The street will be laced with many exhibits like,
   – Exhibits to further enthrall people
   – Oviya Sandhai with artists displaying their paintings
   – Art galleries with stalls to showcase their art
   – Musicians playing their instruments at various times during the day with a special performance in the evening
   – Do it yourself art stalls
   – Interactive exhibits
   – Food stalls for the visitors

With the success from the previous years the idea this year is for the people of coimbatore to Create, Celebrate and Cherish Art in various forms.

Date : 9th & 10th APRIL, 2022
Venue – Race Course, ZONE 1