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Coimbatore Vizha 2022

The embracing cool breeze, the pristine Siruvani water, the loving kind people, the thriving entrepreneurial instincts, and the evergreen peace in the air. To word it right, Coimbatore is not just a city of Tamil Nadu, but a state of mind. This emotion needs to be told and celebrated and cherished. Hence, Coimbatore Vizha! We the people of Coimbatore, for the people of Coimbatore, are proud to present the 14th edition of Coimbatore Vizha that celebrates the perennial spirit of this timeless city.

Art, Culture, Education, Entertainment, Food, Travel, Heritage, Technology, and more – the Coimbatore Vizha 2022 is lined up with a series of exciting events in the weeklong celebration set from Apr 9-17. Let’s come together to celebrate this feeling called Coimbatore.

Vaanga Kondadalaam!

Events: The entire city is going to be lit with the festive spirit. Catch the spark of what’s happening, when and where, below.